Herbal Teas For All Occasions - 4 Weeks

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Herbal Teas For All Occasions - 4 Weeks

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What can I expect from Herbal Teas For All Occasions?”

Herbal Teas For All Occasions is the perfect field class series for both tea lovers AND those who aren’t quite sure yet.  In this 4 week series you’ll learn about the myriad of teas that you can make from plants growing in your garden, and wild in your own backyard.

We’ll be sure to cover:

  • Nutritional Teas vs Medicinal Teas

  • The difference between infusions and decoctions and when to use each

  • How to forage for wild teas

  • Tasty teas for enjoyable drinking

  • Best practices for preserving tea plants when you can’t pick them fresh

  • Teas for health and wellness


Each class in the series will be devoted to a specific theme:

  • Week 1: Cold Teas

  • Week 2: Hot Teas

  • Week 3: Gathering, Foraging, and Storage

  • Week 4: Herbal Tea Party

When: Tuesdays 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Daytrippers are always welcome!

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Our first meeting is at Gold Park off Dimmocks Mill Road in Hillsborough.  Will is going to be at one of the picnic shelters and wearing a red shirt. We will meet, and travel to places within a 20 minute drive of Hillsborough.