Cedar Incense


Cedar Incense


Made from Eastern Red Cedar trees which are sacred to many Native American tribes.  This incense is useful for offerings, blessings, and purification.  Made with no additives and no fillers, this is a pure 2oz bag of Eastern Red Cedar.

Use: Pour a small pile onto a flame proof surface such as a stone, seashell or plate.  Using fingers, pinch the top of the pile to form a cone.  Light with a grill or cigarette lighter (matches will burn you) for 10-15 seconds until flame catches and a coal is formed.  The Incense will burn until the pile is flat or 5-15 minutes depending on the size of the pile.

A single 2oz bag will burn for AT LEAST two hours.

Troubleshooting: If the Cedar will not light then it is always one of three problems: Moisture, Cone, or Lighting Method.

1. Moisture
- If there is too much moisture in the powder it will not catch and hold a coal.  To dry, pour your Eastern Red Cedar Incense into a small paper bag and allow to dry in a sunny window sill for the day.  When finished, return to a dry, airtight container.

2. Cone
- If you do not form a pointed cone using your finger tips, the Eastern Red Cedar Incense will not burn properly or for a long enough period of time.  Simply pouring into into a pile (as pictured in the product image) is not good enough and will not catch and hold flame.

3. Lighting Method
- The best way to light Eastern Red Cedar Incense is by using a common grill lighter, this will protect for finger tips and create the hottest flame.
- The next best method is to use a cigarette lighter such as a Bic.
- While it is possible on occasion to light the Eastern Red Cedar Incense with a match, it is quite difficult and the risk of burning yourself is quite high.

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