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Wanted! - Office Assistant

We're growing!  If this is your first time here on my website, then welcome! My name is Will Endres, and I have been a herbalist and wildcrafter for the last 42 years.  With the help of my family and Apprentices, I handcraft a variety of sustainable wild herbal products and lead classes and workshops throughout the Piedmont, North Carolina, and The South.  The business is run out of my (dog-friendly) home in the historic district of Hillsborough, NC.  My ideal office assistant is someone who is willing to help me with both work, and personal tasks.  You should be able to work as part of a team or independently, be a good typist, enjoy variety, and have useful creative input and problem-solving skills.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with customers independently, and with me at your side.  This can include anything from emails to phone calls to making the rounds to posting flyers for classes

  • Create and renew product ads and postings on social media and craigslist

  • Basic marketing and ecommerce responsibilities including Shipping orders and Copy + Print + Order promotional materials and fliers

The Perks:

  • Part time hours (5+ hours on Thursday)

  • Pay starts at $13/hr with opportunities to increase to $15/hr in just a few months

  • Learning opportunities including unlimited access to select classes and workshops

    • Gain exposure to the traditional Appalachian and Native American approach to plants and medicine

    • Work-trade for additional teaching time available

  • Discounts on my full range of medicinal fluid extracts, incenses, potpourri, tea, and other products

  • High energy work environment

Your Qualifications:

  • Be tech-savvy (and patient). I am a baby-boomer. Computers are not my strong suit, but I have to use them for my business

  • Excellent communicator

  • Reliable

  • Detail oriented

  • Familiarity with or interest in the herb business is preferable

  • Familiarity with Squarespace a big plus!

  • Reliable personal transportation a must

  • Sales or customer service experience preferable

How to apply:
Send an email with your background, complete contact info, and why you would be perfect for this job to

Slippery Elm

Originally posted on July 7th 2015

Harvesting Slippery Elm

The harvesting of Slippery Elm (Ulmas rubra) is a process that few in modern times have ever experienced.  It is a communal effort, akin to the village coming together for the buffalo hunt.  Though it requires many days of physical labor, and requires the death of the tree, no part goes to waste.  Once the tree has sensed it is dying, the seeds mature, are harvested, and then are planted in the surrounding area and other places, ensuring further growth of the species.

Once the tree has been felled, the inner root bark, and inner tree bark is peeled, and dried to make a demulcent chew. The wood of Slippery elm is comprised of dense interlocking fibers which, once dried, makes it an extremely effective fire starting material for use in bow-drills, as well as an excellent bow wood.  The interlocking nature of the grain also contributes to shock resistance, making it desirable for use in wagon wheels, as well as more notably, as the the yoke of the Liberty Bell. 

Medicinally speaking, Slippery Elm, in addition to being an excellent demulcent,  moisturizes the whole body inside and out, and can help smooth out wrinkles.*  It also functions as an expectorant, eliminating toxins.*

Slippery Elm Tree and Root Bark is currently available from Will via front porch pick up, or at the Farmers markets


Originally posted on June 21st 2015

In late April, as the sap flow reached it's peak, we traveled to my good friend Snuffy's wild yard in Pittsboro with the CCCCollege Class, and harvested it's bark.  In the coming weeks, we will go again, and gather the sweet, feathery, and fragant flowers as they reach their peak of bloom.  While they produce very different tastes, the flowers being much milder and sweeter, the extracts of both flowers, and bark have the same effect.  It is known to be effective against both mild, and severe depression.*  One of it's best qualities is the ability to use it alongside traditional, allopathic antidepressants, which helps some people considerably when transitioning to more natural alternatives.   Opportunely, all types of Mimosa extract function wonderfully, even if you are not suffering from depression.*  If you are just having a normal day, and want to brighten it up, Mimosa will certainly do the trick.  Please be sure you do not attempt to use Mimosa alone for Bi-polar, Manic Depression, or Schizophrenia.*  If you are dealing with any of these disorders, make sure you contact me via phone, or on the website,, in order to schedule a Private Medicinal Consultation.*
$13/ fl oz Mimosa Fluid Extract